Redbeau Mannequin

Redbeau Mannequin Service Corporation is one of the few full service mannequin companies in the country. We were founded in 1992 and can provide you with any type mannequin sales or service. Both large and small customers can expect the same efficient, timely and expert service. We are located in Metro Atlanta, GA but can provide our services to anywhere in the country.

Redbeau sells mannequins:

New, Refurbished and Used mannequins. This website contains an up-to-date catalog of our current inventory of mannequins but the choices never end there. Any of our mannequins can be ordered in any style or finish. Have an idea for something unique? Need to match a finish or color in your store? Contact us! We welcome special and custom orders. Mannequins are our business!

Redbeau rents mannequins:

Should you need mannequins for a trade show, weekend function or short term display, contact us for rental rates.


Redbeau repairs mannequins:

Including full refurbishment and restoration, we can return your mannequin to a better than new condition, at a fraction of the cost of new. If you are building new, remodeling, or simply seeking that latest look, Redbeau can use your existing mannequins and create whatever look you seek at tremendous savings over the cost of new.
Redbeau sells and makes mannequin parts and pieces:


We have anything you may need for your mannequins. Bases and hardware, arms, hands, heads, whatever you may need, we can supply it.

If it's no longer available we can make it!



Redbeau sells mannequin forms and display items:

We do carry a line of mannequin body forms and other display items. Call with your needs.

If we don't have it we can make it!

Rebeau Custom Mannequin Molding:
In addition to our mannequin service, we offer custom molding of smaller parts using reinforced polyester resins or other materials as needed. Our paint department is also available for production finishing and painting of all types of smaller items.

Our clients include major department store chains, boutique and wedding shops, formal wear retailers, museums, tourist attractions, historical displays, schools, churches, private collectors, and many others. Anyone that needs a mannequin or a mannequin fixed we can help.

We can fill all your mannequin needs!