Redbeau Mannequin - Services

| Service

Our mannequin service is available for any type of mannequin and form. It can include restoration of a mannequin to it's brand new condition. This can include repair of any broken items, complete refinishing, and application of skintone and makeup to duplicate factory styles and colors. It can also include custom finishing, in that we will refurbish the mannequin to your unique specifications. We can also repair minor damage, such as a broken finger, broken ear, nose, etc, without refurbishing the entire mannequin. Please inquire. Depending on the degree of damage, total refurbishment is priced from $250-$350. Other service priced accordingly.

| Parts

Parts from different mannequins are usually not interchangeable but we maintain an inventory of hands, arms, etc and we can generally modify an existing part so that it will fit a particular mannequin. If all else fails, we can cast and mold a part for your specific mannequin. In addition we provide bases in a variety of materials, hardware brackets and rods, as well as specialty bases and risers.

| Forms/Display Items
In addition to mannequins we also carry inexpensive mannequin alternatives both new and used. Our inventory of these items is not always pictured in our catalog so please inquire if you have special budget needs.

| Shipping
Shipping charges are added to all invoices to any U.S. location. Please inquire about shipping costs. International shipping is available but is very expensive for individual mannequins.We ship by UPS or truck freight, and some items may require an additional charge due to overall size.
| Custom Service
Mannequins are our main business, however, the talents and technologies associated with mannequins can also be applied to many other products. We provide custom molding, finishing, painting, and packaging of your products. Should you be seeking an out-source for any of these services please contact us.


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