Your Source For Incredible Mannequins

Your Source For Incredible MannequinsYour Source For Incredible MannequinsYour Source For Incredible Mannequins

About Us


It all actually started in 1987 but by 1992 we had incorporated and begun this 30+ year association with mannequins. There have been many ups and downs and with the current status of retail operations, we're now just a shadow of our former selves. But we're still here with our incredible talents, innovation, and problem solving expertise. Although mannequins will always be a part of our business, we now offer other services as well. So many mannequin companies, both large and small, have passed into oblivion. We have managed to stay alive, as challenging as that has become. People still exist who appreciate the beauty and art of realistic mannequins which are finished in a breathtaking manner.

Mannequin Services Offered

We provide full mannequin services. We restore vintage mannequins, and we repair and we refinish mannequins of all types. We build custom mannequins which means you can choose the body style and stance  as well as the face.  We can even  sculpt a face of anyone including yourself and integrate it into a mannequin. We also replace or build replacement parts for mannequins, most notably hands and arms. We manufacture steel replacement bases and rods. We can do anything when it comes to mannequins and we work closely with our clients to insure that they get just what they want.

Other Services

Many of our talents are transferable to other products and we are happy to discuss your particular need to determine if we can be of service to you. Some of these operations include design and molding and casting of objects , primarily in resin or concrete.  We also do small part machining and finishing, painting with most types of finishes. We also provide drop ship service on the products we work on. We are specialists in small runs of products, even singular pieces. We act as industrial subcontractors and provide service in our facility on many different products. Some of these subcontracted services have been mentioned above, but we are open to consider new projects . Contact us with your needs. We are honest about our capabilities and won't waste your time.


Sadly, shipping costs continue to rise and the major shipping companies charge ridiculous fees to ship larger objects such as mannequins. We know all the alternatives and we can provide the least expensive  method. We've shipped thousands of mannequins without issue and we strive to keep the costs down. We continue to investigate new options for shipping but , nonetheless, it remains a costly proposition in many cases. However we are happy to quote you the best possible price on both inbound and outbound shipments. Just ask.

Our Clients

Who uses our services?  Of course our services are available to retail display professionals, but nowadays that is a small part of our business. We sell mannequins and parts and provide services to mannequin collectors everywhere.  We build custom garden statuary , poolside figurines, and other figures for outdoor use, some with water features. Trade show exhibitors turn to us for portable display props.  This especially applies to manufacturers of medical devices, braces, and forms of all kinds. Many museums buy our mannequin figures to display historic articles. We've built many items for TV and movie productions. Photographers use our products for catalog shoots and on line retailing.  And many are used in whimsical displays to attract attention to a location or business. Mannequins really do work to draw attention, moreso these days when they are rarely seen in their "natural" settings.

Our Sales Outlets

We maintain listings on Ebay of finished products for sale under the seller name "redbeaumannequin". Its always cheaper to buy direct from us although we don't offer an automated purchase option on this website.  We prefer to have contact with our clients, so if you'd like to purchase you may send us a message via this site, leave a VM at the number provided, or send a text to 770-596-1947.

We dont sell on Amazon, Etsy, Pintrest, or any of the other 1000 sales sites.

You can contact us through Facebook by searching "Red Beaumannequin" and you may join our Facebook group called "Redbeau Mannequin Service Corp"

However you may find us, just leave us your contact info and a real person will contact you and will happily discuss your particular needs.

And Finally ..........

We are old world custom craftsmen and craftswomen. We do things in the old fashioned way ...... with our hands. We don't have many machines and none that spit out finished products. We don't use computers to design or create our custom products. We're refreshingly honest about what works and what doesn't. Our materials and methods have  come about through 30 years of daily work. Our fingers feel things that you can't see, and our eyes see things that don't even exist. If it's true that the devil is in the details, he sits on our workbenches. Everything we do is all about the details. That kind of attention takes time. Progress is always slow and steady and when something is done, it's done. We might make a mistake now and then but we never make excuses. Good work is not cheap but we don't exhibit the corporate greed that exists in today's world. We offer true value in products that are certainly not part of the throw away society. We love what we do and we hope to continue doing it as long as there are people who need our services.